Red arrowroot - 500 seeds AB - La ferme Sainte Marthe
Red arrowroot - 500 seeds AB - La ferme Sainte Marthe

Red arrowroot - 500 seeds AB - La ferme Sainte Marthe

Discover an assortment of AB seeds from Ferme Sainte Marthe, to brighten up your vegetable garden!

Red arrowroot - 500 seeds AB - La ferme Sainte Marthe
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Product details

Arroche Rouge: Cultivate this beautiful old plant for its delicious leaves

Arroche Rouge is an ancient plant about 2 meters high, cultivated since the Middle Ages for its tasty leaves, often compared to spinach. Also known as "belle dame" for its beauty in the garden, it is distinguished by its hastate leaves borne on long, erect, fluted stems, displaying shades of green and purple. Its rapid harvest comes about 4 months after sowing.


Young leaves are eaten raw in salads, while cooked, they can be prepared like spinach.

Seed characteristics:

Some Arroche species can naturally produce two or three completely different types of seed, as is the case with Red Arroche. In this sachet, you'll find a mix of black and blond seeds with different envelopes and varying germination times.

Sowing advice :

To lift seed dormancy, place the sachet in the refrigerator for 1 to 2 weeks.
Sow lightly in bunches from March to August, in cool, moist soil, without covering the seeds (approx. 1 mm deep).
Thin out 40 to 50 cm in all directions.
For a harvest of young shoots, sow from August to September and densify the sowing by spacing only 5 cm apart in all directions.
The ideal germination temperature is 15 to 30°C, with emergence estimated between 10 and 20 days.
Stagger sowing every 3 weeks to extend the harvesting period.

Maintenance :

Hoe and water regularly during the summer, and mulch at the base to keep the soil cool.


Harvest leaves around 2-4 months after sowing, as and when you need them, for optimum freshness.

Product details :

Availability: Annual
Life cycle: annual
Special feature: arroche produces different-colored seeds
Thinning: at 25 cm at the 4-leaf stage
Germination aid: chill seeds
Variety: Red
Packaging: 500-seed sachet
Type: Reproducible seeds
Label: Agriculture biologique
Plant habit: bushy.
Soil: chalky
Germination temperature: 15 to 30°C
Sowing depth: do not cover seeds.
Seed emergence: 10 to 20 days
Sowing technique: in 3-seed stacks
Sowing container: in the ground


Name Red arrowroot - 500 seeds AB - La ferme Sainte Marthe
Brand La Ferme Sainte Marthe
Application For use in Organic Agriculture
Tri des déchets