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The Neutralizer

The Neutralizer is an anti-odour product that works by using aromatherapy Terpene. A terpene is a natural hydrocarbon extracted from essential oils and plant resins. Specifically, one set of terpenes is able to effectively neutralize another set of terpenes when the two interact.
Thus, unlike other products that produce an overpowering odor to mask the offending odor, we have created a system in which the produced aroma is used to cancel out the other.
For example, to eliminate the smell of roses from a rose garden with guaranteed effectiveness and without harming the rose bush, plant jasmine in the same room.
Neutralizing Essential Oils are made exclusively from plants, fruits, flowers and herbs, making them a totally natural product.

It takes less than a minute to set up:
- Twist the cap of the cartridge as you would a bottle of water.
- Insert the assembled cartridge into the Electronic Molecule Evaporator (EME)
- Make sure the wick has not been damaged when inserting the bottle into the EME.