Biobizz soil fertilizer

Biobizz is specialized in the development and production of soil mixtures, fertilizers and additives, specially designed for organic cultivation. The line of fertilizers is ideal for the cultivation of flowers, fruits, vegetables, plants and allows to maintain without risks all the ornamental plants, trees or lawns because of its low concentration.
It can be used in soil, coconut fiber, hydroponics and hydro-organic. Biobizz bio grow and Biobizz bio bloom are complete, organic and liquid fertilizers. Each product of this Biobizz range contains vitamins and trace elements, specific to the different phases of the life of a plant.
Growshops offers a complete range of Biobozz additives for the different phases of plant growth.
ATTENTION : many products of the Biobizz range have just been withdrawn from the market by the Direction de La protection des Personnes. The concerned products are unavailable.