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Power (W)
240 - 1005
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HPS Flowering Lamp Kit

Check out our selection of HPS (high pressure sodium) lamps. Indoor growers use discharge lamps to replace sunlight and grow excellent quality crops. Short winter days turn into beautiful summer days! In a discharge lamp, light is produced by an electrical discharge in a gas, metal vapor, or a mixture of several gases and vapors.
High pressure sodium lamps emit an orange light and their color spectrum is best suited for flowering or fruiting. Special" horticultural HPS lamps include in their spectrum the "extreme red" which is particularly appreciated during flowering.
They can be used alone or in addition to a white lamp (MH) to achieve beautiful blooms. Note : The 600 watt HPS lamp is the most efficient bulb available today. It has the highest light output in the world!
Warning: If the outer glass of the bulb breaks, immediately turn off and unplug the lamp. Never look at the bulb or approach it while it is hot: the broken protective glass no longer protects against ultraviolet rays, which are very dangerous. All HDI lamps need a ballast. It is very important to buy the right ballast for the lamp model, that's why they are usually sold in kit. Do not hesitate to ask us for advice to choose the right products.