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Indoor grow room

Discover our range of growing rooms or " indoor growing boxes ".
These are tents specially designed for growing plants indoors that work like real indoor greenhouses. You can plant all kinds of plants, even special ones, whether they are aromatic, medicinal, rare, or even fruits and vegetables, whatever the season. They can also be used to keep your outdoor plants warm during the winter.

Even in apartments, grow rooms can bring a touch of nature to your home. An indoor grow room allows you to recreate in a closed and reduced space, the optimal conditions for the growth of plants, the fact of isolating them in a small space also allows to increase the productivity and the output of your harvests. It is a valuable tool for both novices and experienced gardeners who want to recreate the natural conditions necessary for ideal plant development indoors.
The structure and functioning of the indoor growing box are absolutely non-toxic for plants, which guarantees a healthy and natural development of your plants: they ensure a suitable and controlled light thanks to a sodium lamp, a regulated humidity and a permanently renewed air. The quality of the materials used in them also guarantees ideal conditions for the growth of your plants.
The structure of the indoor growing box is watertight thanks to a double bottom and completely lightproof, ideal for maintaining a microclimate favorable to the cultivation of any plant. It is easy to install, requires little effort to maintain, and the cover (available in several sizes) is easily removed and machine washed. With various sizes, our indoor greenhouses will fit perfectly in your home.

It is therefore an essential tool for successful indoor gardening, whether you are an amateur or a professional, the grow room adapts to all your requirements and your desires of culture. You will be able to practice gardening indoors, economically and with ease, without abandoning efficiency.