PH regulator

The pH value of nutrient solutions is very important, in fact, an incorrect dosage prevents the optimal transfer of nutrients to the roots.

In order to do this correctly, you must know the specific needs of your plant: a high pH favorscationic absorption and a low pH favors theabsorption of anions.
As a general rule, the recommended pH level is between 5.5 and 6.5

It is recommended to test your nutritive solution, for that several solutions: the economic solution with a pH test kit to know where you are in the pH spectrum. This allows you to have the same precision as a digital tester, but the use is limited.
Another solution, the digital pH tester which will indicate with precision, thanks to a digital screen, the pH level of your nutritive solution.

Depending on the needs of your plant, you will find in this category products that willincrease the pH of your nutritive solution, or conversely, products that will lower the pH.

Indispensable for hydroponic or aeroponic systems.