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CFL and Neon Eco Lighting

The energy saving bulb or CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lighting) is characterized by low energy consumption and long life. These lamps are very easy to use, quick to install, do not require external transformers and heat very little!

- Perfect for small spaces. Indeed the CFL bulb produces little heat so less temperature problems.
- No wasted energy. Not giving off heat the lamp can be placed directly on the top of the plants, without risk of burning, so better performance. Exceptional light spectrum: close to sunlight, it is assimilated by almost 100% by the plants.
- Homogeneous distribution of light. 15,000 hours of effective illumination against 9000 hours for an HPS.

- It can operate in the most humid environments (protected electronic components)
- It has an integrated ballast
- Screw it on a reflector equipped with a socket E 40
- Connect it directly to a power outlet

Find different categories of CFL bulbs:
CFL bulb growth: This CFL bulb has been designed to provide plants with a full white/blue light spectrum that provides an exceptional result in the growth phase because it is absorbed by plants at nearly 100%!
Flowering CFL bulb : This CFL bulb has been designed to bring to the plants a complete orange/red light spectrum which provides an exceptional result in flowering phase because it is absorbed by the plants at almost 100% !

CFL lamps are perfect for small budgets and small spaces!