Air Pot® Superoots

Genuine Air Pot Superoots produces an exceptional root system, without bunting. Made of recycled HDPE, Air Pot is circular in shape, with a 3D perforated wall, like an egg carton. It does not have a flat surface to deform the roots and start the "bunting", as they grow, these roots will go through the air holes at the end of the cones which will dehydrate the tips and therefore cut them, this natural process is called "air pruning" and will make your life easier and your crops will be radiant, in fact this air pot will allow the roots to develop their density considerably and quickly The pot is made of recycled and recyclable plastic, respectful of the environment. In short, say goodbye to your old classic pots and move on to the best in growing technology. Delivery is offered from 59€ of order.