Horticultural lamp

Indoor lighting is our business! You can grow your plants outside (classic culture) or inside. This way of cultivation is still called "indoor culture". The key to success lies in understanding the needs of plants. Air, water, temperature, humidity, fertilizers and substrate are the determining factors for a successful culture. Choosing the right grow light! Outside, it is the sun that brings light to the plants

In the indoor culture, the lighting for the plants is essential for a good harvest. You need a horticultural lighting that recreates an artificial sun, such as the horticultural led lamp. Plants need light and especially a light spectrum that most closely resembles sunlight (mixed colors that form the colors of the rainbow). Trying to grow a plant in front of a conventional light bulb is like trying to tan in front of a bedside lamp! A plant lamp adapted to your culture!

The market offers three main types of horticultural lamp for indoor cultivation:
- the hps lamp (high pressure sodium) was quickly used as an "indoor sun". It is perfectly suited for indoor plant growth. It emits an orange light and its spectrum is best suited for flowering and fruiting. This HPS sodium lamp is a point source of light, which is preferable for plants to a linear source such as a fluorescent tube (it works with a ballast).
- the mh lamp
- neon and leds