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Cool tube

A technological breakthrough in the field oflighting! Light is a wave, a ray, that travels in all directions around its source. Reflecting light is an efficient way to concentrate it towards your plants. A reflector adapted to the space and to the lighting power must be able to optimize this light. There are horizontal, vertical and ventilated reflectors called "cool tubes".

What is a cooltube?
It is a cooling system for HID lamps (MH and HPS). A glass tube allows the light spectrum to pass through but keeps 80% of the lamp's heat! The cooltube attached to the extractor draws the heat directly from the lamp to evacuate it. This way the lamp is continuously ventilated and therefore cooled: no heat build-up, no burns to the plant!

What are the advantages of a Cool Tube reflector?
- Connected to the cooltube, the air extractor expels about 80% of the heat produced by the bulb
- The heat, evacuated much more efficiently, allows the lamp to be brought closer to the plants without burning them, which accelerates photosynthesis.
- The cooltube allows to control the temperature of the room and to renew the air.
- The low height of the cooltube will allow you to gain height in your growing room.
- Several cooltubes can be connected in series. With cool tube, give more light to your plants while limiting the temperature of your indoor garden!