EC pH Tester

Find our range of EC tester and pH tester. A plant is a living organism, it must eat, drink and breathe! But not in any way or at any time. Like any living being, its needs vary according to the different stages of its life. You feed it with fertilizers and make it drink with pH-adjusted water. The pH meter and the EC meter are therefore the two determining elements in hydroponics and must be measured regularly. An electronic pH meter and an electronic EC meter are essential to obtain a quality harvest. The pH, the quality of the water is one of the most important parameters for your hydroponic culture. The pH (hydrogen potential) of a nutritive solution is fundamental for a perfect assimilation of nutrients by the roots. In hydroponics, it must be between 5.5 and 6 (mineral salts are no longer absorbed by the plant if the pH is higher than 7! ). It is the pH meter that measures the acidity of your solution. Among our various models, you will find the one that best suits your crop: waterproof pH tester, portable pH tester, electronic pH tester, Hanna pH tester particularly recommended for its accuracy and ease of use. EC The measurement of EC is also essential in hydroponics. The EC (or electro-conductivity of water) allows to measure the content of nutrients present in your solution. It is thanks to this measurement that it is possible to accurately provide the nutrients essential to the life of the plant (germination, growth and flowering). The EC tester allows you to know the concentration of fertilizer in your solution in order to avoid any risk of overdosing or deficiency, which would harm the development of your plants. The EC level must be between 1 and 2.5. As for the pH meter, we offer different models of ec meter, depending on your budget and the desired accuracy: waterproof tester, portable tester, electronic ec meter in continuous measurement. For a total success, your plants will have in addition to a "balanced food" to have a specific lighting. It is the light, indeed, which transforms the fertilizers into useful molecules for the life of the plant!