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Biotabs soil fertilizer

Discover our range of biotabs fertilizers, these biotabs fertilizers are UAB: usable in organic agriculture, organic fertilizers, respectful of the environment and your crops while being easy to use. They come in a wide variety of formats with different characteristics to suit all types of crops and combine efficiency with versatility in this extensive range. Discover for example the organic fertilizer orgatrex from biotabs which works in harmony with the soil bacteria and mycorrhizae. Usable indoors as well as outdoors, this fertilizer is a growth and flowering gas pedal, a real must-have for culture enthusiasts, whether they are beginners or experienced. The Startrex fertilizer will have an effect of restoring the life of the soil thanks to its high content of probiotic bacteria, in short you will find the organic fertilizer of your dreams within this very rich range. Don't forget that at Growshops, delivery is free for orders over 59€.