Plagron Soil Fertilizer

Today, growing plants indoors purely organically is no longer an option but a must, and Plagron fertilizers have established themselves as a key player. Both consumers and the government are demanding that the agricultural and horticultural sectors adopt as natural an approach as possible. Respect for people and the environment also bears maximum fruit. After all, plants and crops are simply yearning to return to nature.
Throughout its long history, Plagron has specialized in the development of products to optimize natural growth and flowering. There is now a wide range of environmentally friendly additives that offer the best in the world for your nature. These additives are available for the plant fanatic, for the amateur gardener and also for the professional grower. Plagron: a balanced composition of the purest ingredients naturally. All products with the Plagron label have an optimal preventive, protective and nutritive effect. This is the guarantee of the Plagron brand.
UAB* : Usable in Organic Agriculture