PK Booster

The use of a PK booster for your plants is recommended in order to obtain a successful bloom.

But what does PK mean?

- Phosphorus(P) stimulates plants to develop healthier, more vivacious roots in the substrate.
In addition to this beneficial stimulation of the root system, phosphorus(P) encourages more abundant flowering and fruiting.

- Potassium(K) guarantees a better circulation of water and nutrients, and a progressive release of its two sources of energy throughout the plant, from the roots to the tops. Potassium (K) also strengthens the walls of the molecules to make them more resistant.

During the flowering phase, the plant needs more phosphorus and potassium, to do so, offers in this category the best brands of the market like Hesi, Plagron, Canna, Atami, Bio Nova, Platinium Nutrients, Aptus, and many others...