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15 - 1005
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Transformer - Ballast

All HDI lamps need a ballast! It is very important to buy the ballast adapted to the model of the HDI lamp. (Otherwise, risk of short circuit). That's why they are usually sold in kit. The ballasts in kit contain a transformer, a capacitor, a starter, a protection box, and sometimes electrical wire.

Rule of thumb: Buy the entire HDI system at once from a good supplier: ballast, lamp, socket, bulb, power cord and timer, to make sure the ballast and lamp are compatible!

All ballasts have a lot in common. Their most common characteristics are heat and noise. Heat is the number one enemy of ballasts: a ballast that operates at too high a temperature will be less efficient, may fail, and may even cause a short circuit and a fire!

The electronic ballasts they are beginning to spread on the market at competitive prices. Their advantages ?
- almost zero power consumption
- very quiet - very low heat production
- can operate both MH and HPS with a power of 250 to 1000 watts.