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Trichodermas are fungi, beneficial molds whose major activity is to interact positively with the root system of plants.

They allow a form ofharmony between the fungi present(mycelium) and the root system of the plant in order to contribute to a significant expansion of the root environment by the fungal activity which is greatly stimulated.
In addition, trichodermas provide an effective fungal protection against potential pathogenic fungi, such as pythium or fusarium. This ensures healthier and more productive plants.

Trichodermas are also already integrated in all coco fiber packaging, such as the whole range Ugrorange, the Coco Mix of Platinium Soiland the one of BiobizzcocoTek from General Hydroponics, Coco Premium from Plagroncoco Professional Plus from Canna...

Find in this category various trichodermas, in the form of fertilizing powders, of superior qualities, such as Invasion T from Platinium Nutrients bactrex from BioTabs, 420 Trichozym from 420 Organics.