Reflector and cool tube

How to increase the light intensity inside a grow room? By installing a reflector! The reflector increases the available light by over 30%. Horticulturists who use the most efficient reflectors that fit the lamp can double their harvest! Technical info: The reflectors with the bulb screwed on horizontally are the most efficient. They provide up to 40% more light than most reflectors with a vertical screw-in bulb. Reflecting the light The reflected light increases the brightness of the grow room. How to reflect light? By covering the walls with a reflective material. The most effective is the "reflective Mylar" which looks like a very thin mirror. It reflects almost all the light. Tips: Simply tape or staple it to the walls. For an optimal reflection, the reflective walls must be at a maximum of 30cm from the plants. Avoid snags, lay it flat and keep it clean! By painting the walls in matt white: Titanium white paint is the best. You will improve the light intensity by 10%. Caution: Do not paint the floor in white because the reflection of light is harmful to the underside of the leaves which is more fragile. Stop to aluminum! It is one of the worst reflective surfaces!