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Plant extraction

Discover our range consisting of all the equipment necessary for the vegetable extraction. Vegetable extraction is a solid-liquid extraction which is followed by purification steps. It is in fact an operation of separation of one or several constituents contained in a solid body in a solvent. You will find in this very extensive range of dexso extractors with standard operation, oil extractor that will allow you to extract essential oils of food quality. There are also various gloves, grid for extractor, bubbleator, finally to crown a range already very varied, we propose a case with a complete kit of vegetable extraction composed of all the necessary to extractions of quality and quite as accessible to the neophytes as to the confirmed cultivators. The delivery is offered from 59€ in France and if you have any question or questioning about the use of these extractors, do not hesitate to ask the question on the site, confirmed users or us will answer you with the pleasure to share advice of passionate with you.