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Clay beads

welcome to our section for coco fiber, expanded clay balls, or perlite, compressed brick coco fiber to humidify to swell the brand bionova or ugro the specialist in coco fiber, try ugro coco fiber with mycorrhizae and trichoderma, find the best hydroton clay balls, platinium clay balls with controlled ph 6.5 certified professional horticulture in bags of 5 liters, 10 liters and 50 liters, a crushed and shaped pebbles for more oxygenated yields, find the plagron 10 liters euro clay pebbles, or the famous hydrocorn of gold label 45 liters but only a real 37.5 liters but certified RHP label, find the perlite 5 liters of platinum 4/6mm or perlite plagron 10 liters 4/6mm at, your growshop for indoor, hydro, pro, culture at the best price