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Track for horticultural lighting

RAIL LAMPS The most effective way to simulate the path of the sun in the sky is to use a track or rotator to move the lamps over the plants. Motorized or manual, the rails or rotators simulate the passage of the sun in the sky. This linear (rails) or circular (rotators) displacement allows a homogeneous distribution of the light which induces a more harmonious growth of the plants. Indeed, a stationary bulb always lights the same areas with the same intensity. The rails and rotators move the lamps above the plants in a way that simulates the passage of the sun in the sky. Advantages of a track The lamps can be placed closer to the plants, so the light is more intense. More plants benefit from the higher light intensity. The light is projected from different angles, which allows a better assimilation. The illuminated surface increases by 25%. How to install a track? Choose the right location Attach a board to the ceiling and install the track on the board Run an electrical wire through the timer to the track Run the power cords along the track, securing them with jumpers or staples. (You can place a few hooks along the rail to prevent the wire from hanging down...) Golden rule Start using rails and rotators when the plants have reached 30 cm in height and have several sets of leaves. ( Before this stage, a rail may not bring enough light to young plants which may have a too long development ) Rails and rotators are especially appreciated when the plants do not receive enough light from a fixed lamp.