Trace elements for plants

Trace elements have a specific place in the development of crops and are essential for the good health of plants.

When we talk about trace elements, we are talking about iron, manganese, zinc, boron, copper, molybdenum, chlorine and nickel. Their concentration in plants is very low, but essential!

The absence or lack of one of these elements will manifest itself on the plant by symptoms of deficiency, such as yellowing of the foliage (also called chlorosis), or drying of the tissues or deformation of the leaves. On the other hand, if an element is added in excess it can be toxic for the plant. For example, an excess of potassium will limit the absorption of calcium.

In short, the dosage of trace elements must be done in a very precise way in order not to overdose the plant. offers in this category the best brands on the market like Hesi, GHE, Vaalserberg, Platinium Nutrients, and many others...