Welcome to our vaposhop and vaporizer section to vaporize your flowers of CBD discover the biggest brands of portable or tabletop vaporizers such as Storz and Bickel, the German manufacturer number 1 in the world in vaporization as well as their wide range of innovative products such as the classic volcano, the digital volcano or the hybrid model for the version to be put on a table ideal for consumption at home, works with a balloon system, among the famous brand find the portable range with the Mighty and the Crafty the most powerful vaporizers of the market without comparison.

But in our wide selection also find the brand PAX with the models PAX 1, PAX 2 and PAX 3 of ultra high performance products.

Arizer , Magic Flight , USA vaporiser , Geekvap , Iolite or Puff it, products recognized in the world of vaping.