€285.00 - €570.00
Power (W)
600 - 1005
Type of bulb
DE Double Ended Lamp Kit

Find in this category all the kits suitable for Double Ended bulbs. Depending on the brand, you can find a reflector, ballast and bulb set, but also a reflector and ballast so that you can choose the bulb you want for growth or flowering.

What exactly is a Double ended Lamp Kit?
A complete lamp kit comprising an electronic ballast transformer generally with a power of 600 to 1150w adapted with its reflector directly connected and connected to the ballast, with a specific double-pin bulb base at both ends allowing the bulb to be powered from both sides and not a single screw base.

What is the difference between a single ended lamp kit (with base or E40 socket) and a double ended lamp kit?
The power better exploited, and 30% more results concerning lumens or Umol/m2 compared to a traditional electronic lamp kit, these lamp kits diffuse and distribute the luminous flux much better in the culture surface.

What type of color temperature are available in double ended bulbs?
Several temperatures are available for growth in the MH 4000K° and 6000K° version in the HPS Flowering version available in 2000K° then 10,000K° or even available in CMH 630w and 1000w bulbs for even more complete specs available in 3000 and 4200K°;

What brands of double ended tubes?
You will find on our online store the biggest brands like Calitek, Lumatek, Gavita or Dimlux for the happiness of your plants.

Know that CMH lamp kits are the biggest competitors of LED technology, economical, efficient, a unique and complete spectrum with surprising results without changing your habits while consuming less energy and helping the planet to get better while doing grow your exciting plants.

What is the best Double Ended Kit? we will answer you the Calitek 4 in 1 allowing on the same device to connect an HPS bulb of your choice with color temperature of your choice, a CMH 630w double ended or a 1000w HPS or CMH bulb with unparalleled performance on the lighting market. 'lighting.