Fertilizer, booster and additives

Growshops offers you to refine your fertilizer search with categories that concern the specific use of each fertilizer! Find here the Organic liquid fertilizers, the Water soluble fertilizers, the Guano of bat, the Organic amendments, the Root stimulators, the Growth stimulators, the Humic acid fulvic, the Amino acids - Proteins, the Seaweeds and kelp, the PK Booster, the Flowering stimulators, the Hormone of Cutting, neem Oils, Biological Control, Phytosanitary Treatments, NPK Fertilizers, Calcium Fertilizers, Magnesium Fertilizers, Iron Fertilizers, Anti-chlorosis, Water Retention, Trace elements, Plant Vitamins, Silicon and Acids, pH Regulators, Beneficial Bacteria, Mycorrhizae, and Trichoderma!
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