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Eco Participation - Sustainable Development - WEEE

The eco-participation for WEEE:
When you buy a new electrical or electronic device, you participate in financing the collection, reuse and recycling of old equipment by paying an "eco-participation". All the prices of the EEE presented on the site include the amount of the eco-tax. The collection and recycling of end-of-life electrical appliances is managed by non-profit eco-organizations approved by the public authorities. The amount of the eco-participation is calculated by these eco-organizations on the basis of the price of the treatment operations necessary for recycling.

We help you to be part of the recyclers!

If your old appliance still works or can be repaired, you can :

  • Resell it on the second-hand market.
  • Give it to a social and solidarity association such as Envie, Emmaüs or Réseau des Ressourceries.
  • Donate it around you, there are always people who could use it!
  • Your approach will give a second life to your device!

If your old appliance is defective, you can drop it off
in different places:

  • Dedicated collection bins at major retailers.

To identify the collection point nearest you, go to

- environmental code: https: //

The EEE must not be thrown away at the end of its life with unsorted waste.
Collection and take-back systems for used Electrical and Electronic Equipment are available to users.
EEE may contain hazardous substances, which have a potential effect on the environment and human health.


This pictogram, affixed to a device, means that the equipment should not be thrown away in the household waste. This device will be collected separately
for reuse (if the device still works or is repairable) or for recycling and recovery (energy recovery: incineration with energy recovery).
If the device you wish to dispose of is marked with this symbol, do not throw it away in your household waste!
WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) contains hazardous substances (e.g. lead, mercury, refrigerant gas, PCBs etc.). For this reason, it must be separated from your regular household waste.