Recycled materials

We have been committed for many years to respecting the environment in various ways. We have established standards and work habits that allow us to contribute to the respect of the environment.

Here are the different points that are important to us

  • Most of our garden products are FSC (Sustainable Forest Management) certified.
  • We offer downloadable invoices to avoid unnecessary printing.
  • The paper and cardboard we use are recycled
  • We centralize the sending of parcels in order to optimize and reduce the routes of the delivery vehicles.
  • We use energy saving light bulbs in our offices and warehouses
  • We rigorously select the electrical items we sell so that they are low in electrical energy consumption
  • We sort and recycle waste
  • Our computers have been chosen for their performance and for their "Energy Star" label (limited electrical consumption).

Finally, we try, on a daily basis, to have an ecologically responsible behavior for the safeguard and the preservation of our planet.