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Hydroponic equipment

Hydroponics is the art of growing plants without soil!
It is a method that uses an inert substrate. This substrate is regularly irrigated with a solution that contains the mineral salts and nutrients essential to the growth of the plant. Inert substrates contain a lot of oxygen, which allows the absorbent hairs of the roots to capture nutrients efficiently. To increase the aeration of the substrates you can also use clay balls.

- The substrate is inert and remains aerated
- It is very easy to dose the nutrients
- No risk of drowning the roots. The substrate, permeable, will let the surplus drain
- Soil insects do not live in an inert substrate
- Diseases are difficult to establish in this environment
- The plants will be more beautiful, less foliage and more flowers and the blooming earlier

Golden rule: Hydroponic gardens require a lot of attention!
- plants grown in hydroponics grow faster because they capture nutrients quickly
- hydroponic gardens do not offer the flexibility of soil gardens: soil acts as a buffer for nutrients and can retain them longer.
If you master hydroponics, you will get excellent and important harvests!

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