Electronic ballast

Electronic ballast transformers consume less power and reduce voltage fluctuations. The power consumption remains almost constant. The electronic ballast consumes less and reduces voltage fluctuations. Find different models: electronic ballast 400W, electronic bassat 600W, or even 1000W for large crops.more efficient 15 to 20% than a magnetic ballast. explanation: a magnetic ballast is maximum 92% outpout so for a bulb of 600w you will consume 660w but your plants will receive 552w oh too bad, with an electronic ballast you are 99.8% outpout + 10% of superlumens or: 658.6w

that is to say a total of 19% ssupplementaire, pass to the superior speed and inflate your harvests abundantly, discover the ballast Lumatek, ballast GSE, ballast Nanolux, ballast Superlumens, ballast Advanced star, ballast solistek, ballast Gavita and Maxibright