Led Quantum Bears - 340W - Calitek
Led Quantum Bears - 340W - Calitek
Led Quantum Bears - 340W - Calitek
Led Quantum Bears - 340W - Calitek
Led Quantum Bears - 340W - Calitek

Led Quantum Bears - 340W - Calitek


Discover Quantum Bears 340, the jewel in the lighting crown LED for successful indoor cultivation, offering incomparable power and optimum energy efficiency.

Led Quantum Bears - 340W - Calitek
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Product details


Lighting system LED Quantum Bears 340: Maximize your indoor harvests

The lighting system LED Quantum Bears 340 lighting system, a powerful and efficient solution designed to deliver exceptional results at every level of cultivation. Whether you're a passionate novice or an experienced grower, the Quantum Bears 340 will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Optimum light coverage for vigorous growth

With the LED Quantum Bears 340 lighting system, you can create the ideal growing environment for your plants. Thanks to its light output of 952 μmol/s and its full spectrum including LED UV and IR, this lighting ensures uniform light coverage across the entire surface of your growing space. Whether you're growing vegetables, flowers or herbs, plants will benefit from balanced light that promotes photosynthesis and stimulates vigorous growth.

Outstanding energy efficiency for lasting savings

The Quantum Bears 340 is not only powerful, but also highly energy-efficient. With a power consumption of just 340W and a PPF efficiency of 2.8 μmol/J. This light LED uses energy optimally, saving you money while providing superior lighting for your plants.

Advanced features for maximum flexibility

The Quantum Bears 340 is equipped with advanced features that give you total flexibility in managing your lighting. Thanks to its master and slave daisy chain control, you can easily synchronize multiple units for consistent, customized lighting in your indoor garden. What's more, this system is compatible with any external 0-10V controller, allowing you to adjust light intensity to the specific needs of your plants at different stages of their growth.

Easy installation

The Quantum Bears 340 is designed for easy, hassle-free installation. With dimensions of 700 x 700 x 50mm, it fits perfectly into a variety of growing configurations. What's more, it comes with two adjustable suspension kits and 2 non-adjustable suspension kits, giving you extra peace of mind when it comes to installation.

Technical details Quantum Bears 340

Product dimensions: 700 x 700 x 50mm
Carton dimensions: 785 x 785 x 85mm
Net / Gross weight: 3.4 Kg / 4.5 Kg

Power consumption: 340W
Light output: 952 μmol/s
Light source: Honglitronic SMD2835 x 1008pcs + SMD3535 x 52pcs
PPF efficiency: 2.8 μmol/J
Light color LED 4000K White + 660nm Red + 390nm UV + 740nm IR
Spectrum: Full Spectrum - UV + IR
Voltage / Frequency: AC100-277V 50/60Hz
Power supply: Sosen LED Driver
Power factor: > 0.90
Control: Master and slave daisy chain control - Supports any external 0-10V controller
Distribution angle: 120°
Operating temperature: -25°~35°C
Protection: IP67
Warranty: 3 years


Name Led Quantum Bears - 340W - Calitek
Brand Calitek
Bulb type LED
Color Black
Eco-contribution (€) 0,71
Power (W) 340
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