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Biostimulant - StreptoLogic - 50g - Terra Aquatica
Biostimulant - StreptoLogic - 50g - Terra Aquatica

Biostimulant - StreptoLogic - 50g - Terra Aquatica

Discover Terra Aquatica's StreptoLogic biostimulant, a natural fertilizer based on streptomyces, micro-organisms that improve soil quality and strengthen plant defenses.

(€1,240.07 K)
Biostimulant - StreptoLogic - 50g - Terra Aquatica
(€1,240.07 K)
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Product details

StreptoLogic Biostimulant: a natural ally for your indoor plants

Are you looking for an effective product to stimulate the growth and health of your indoor plants? Would you like to enjoy the benefits of beneficial bacteria for your crops?

The benefits of StreptoLogic biostimulant

Increases the availability of nutrients in the soil, promoting root uptake and plant development.
Improves soil structure and aeration, preventing compaction and water stress.
Stimulates the production of phytoalexins, substances that protect plants against disease and parasites.
Reduces the risk of contamination by pathogens, thanks to its antagonistic effect on harmful micro-organisms.
Compatible with all types of substrate, whether soil, rockwool, coir or hydroponics.
Easy to use, simply dilute in water for watering or spraying.

The effectiveness of StreptoLogic biostimulant

Faster, more vigorous growth, with stronger stems and greener leaves.
More abundant, more colorful blossoms, with larger, more fragrant flowers.
Higher yields and superior quality, with sweeter, tastier fruit.
Increased resistance to environmental stresses, such as variations in temperature, light or humidity.

StreptoLogic biostimulant features

It comes as a water-soluble powder in a 50 g sachet.
Store in a cool, dry place, away from light and humidity.
Dosage is 0.5 g per liter of water, i.e. 20 liters of water per sachet.
Apply once a week throughout the crop cycle, as a drench or foliar spray


Name Biostimulant - StreptoLogic - 50g - Terra Aquatica
Brand Terra Aquatica GHE
Recommended use Root stimulator
Application Coco, Hydroponics, Rock wool, Earth
Packaging 50 g
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