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Anti Slugs & Snails - Granules - 1kg - France Solabiol
Anti Slugs & Snails - Granules - 1kg - France Solabiol

Anti Slugs & Snails - Granules - 1kg - France Solabiol

Solabiol offers this slug pellet for your garden and kitchen garden.

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Anti Slugs & Snails - Granules - 1kg - France Solabiol
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Product details

Slug and snail control Solabiol an ecological and effective product to protect your plants

Do you grow indoor plants such as tomatoes, lettuces or flowers? Are you faced with a recurring problem: slugs and snails devouring your leaves and fruit? Are you looking for a natural, environmentally-friendly solution to get rid of them? Then the slug and snail remover Solabiol is for you! It's a product based on ferric phosphate, a mineral-based substance that acts effectively against these pests without harming other animals.

The benefits of slug and snail control Solabiol

Slug and snail control Solabiol has many advantages over other products on the market. Firstly, it's easy to use: simply spread the granules around the plants to be protected, respecting the dose of 5 g per square meter. Secondly, it's harmless to flora and fauna: it contains no metaldehyde, a substance toxic to pets, birds or hedgehogs. It's also biodegradable: after use, it becomes fertilizer for the soil. Finally, it is effective in all weathers: it resists rain and humidity, and retains its attractive power for several weeks.

The effectiveness of slug and snail repellent Solabiol

Slug and snail control Solabiol has been designed to attract slugs and snails and eliminate them quickly. It works by ingestion: pests are attracted to the granules, which they consume in small quantities. The ferric phosphate then disrupts their digestive system, causing them to die of dehydration. With this product, you can effectively protect your plants from damage caused by slugs and snails, without the risk of polluting your environment.

Slug and snail repellent features Solabiol

Slug and snail control Solabiol is a solid product, packaged in a recyclable plastic bucket. Keep away from light and heat, in a dry place and out of reach of children. It is green in color and granular in shape. It contains 9.9% ferric phosphate and 90.1% other components. It is approved for Integrated Biological Protection (IPP), which means it complies with current ecological standards


Name Anti Slugs & Snails - Granules - 1kg - France Solabiol
Brand Solabiol
Packaging 1 Kg
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