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Root stimulator - Hydro Roots - 1L - Plagron
Root stimulator - Hydro Roots - 1L - Plagron

Root stimulator - Hydro Roots - 1L - Plagron

Discover Hydro Roots by Plagronhydro Roots stimulates the development and resistance of your plants' root systems.

Root stimulator - Hydro Roots - 1L - Plagron
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Product details

Hydro Roots: a root-strengthening additive that stimulates nutrient uptake

Would you like to strengthen the root system of your hydroponic plants? Are you looking for an additive that contains phosphorus and boron, two essential elements for root growth? Do you need an additive that improves root architecture and the absorption of nutrients and water? Then Hydro Roots from Plagron is for you!

Hydro Roots is a root strengthening additive containing an optimal combination of phosphorus and boron. These components have a direct and positive effect on the development of your plants' roots. They promote the initiation and growth of primary and secondary roots, as well as the thickening of root hairs. In this way, Hydro Roots improves the structure and surface of the root system, enabling better absorption of nutrients and water.


Increases the vigour and health of your plants, by providing them with the mineral elements they need to thrive.
Improves the yield and quality of your harvest, by stimulating the roots for better plant growth and flowering.
Reduces the risk of deficiencies and disease, by strengthening your plants' resistance to environmental stresses.
Easy to use, simply add to your nutrient solution in the recommended doses.

Dosage and use:

Shake well before use.
1 ml per liter of water
Use this solution at every watering up to the fourth week of the flowering phase for plants with a short cycle.


NPK: 0 - 20 - 0
Boron: 0.23%
Phosphorus: 20.47


Name Root stimulator - Hydro Roots - 1L - Plagron
Type of fertilizer Mineral
Recommended use Root stimulator
Application Hydroponics
Packaging 1 L