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Clone Xroots Root Stimulator 30ml
Hormone cuttings Clone Xroots 30ml - Platinium Nutrients
Clone Xroots Root Stimulator 30ml
Clone Xroots Root Stimulator 30ml
Clone Xroots Root Stimulator 30ml
Hormone cuttings Clone Xroots 30ml - Platinium Nutrients
Hormone cuttings Clone Xroots 30ml - Platinium Nutrients

Hormone cuttings Clone Xroots 30ml - Platinium Nutrients

Clone Xroots 30ml from Platinium Nutrients is a root growth stimulator - Cutting 100% organic. It allows a good start of root growth. In germination and cuttings it is ideal. If you had the pleasure to try clonex 50ml you will just be totally surprised by Clone Xroots even better and 100% natural, efficient, reliable and powerful

Hormone cuttings Clone Xroots 30ml - Platinium Nutrients
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Product details

Clone Xroots root growth activator ideal for triggering the first roots of the plant and reinforces its resistance thanks to the development of the root system. Clone Xroots ensures the recovery of the plants by allowing a better absorption of water and nutritive solution. Clone Xroots also stimulates the production of the first roots.

Root growth simulator Platinium. Cutting hormone without hormones but natural activator, usable in organic farming.

Our opinion growshops clone Xroots , better than Clonex, and especially 100% legal and healthy for you and your plants.

Try clone xroots 30ml ultra concentrated and very easy to use

Clone Xroots has obtained the best results by the government contrary to the different products containing hormones 100% illegal try the quality of high purity without any risk for your plants and your health

  • 3 types of use to choose from:
    1. 1- Use in the product directly: cuttings and young plants, soak them in the solution before planting them.
      Take a teaspoon, fill it with Clone Xroots. Then dip the cuttings directly into the concentrated liquid for 1 to 2 seconds. It is possible to dip the cuttings directly into the bottle, but not recommended. And a spoon recommended to avoid contamination of the remaining Clone Xroots product, you can pour the rest of the spoon into the watering solution, at a rate of 2 ml/L. Remember to water immediately afterwards.
    2. 2- Use directly in the nutrient solution: 1 to 2ml/Liter. Shake the solution well.
    3. 3- Economical use: soaking possible at 2ml/L to save money.

  • Maintenance: Apply Clone Xroots preparation by watering your crops.

  • Aeroponics: Add directly to the solution.

  • Composition : Organic matter = 50% Active matter OSYR = 40% Sulfuric anhydride (SO3) = 8%

Can be sprayed directly on plants once mixed with water.

Can be used in organic agriculture in application of the EC regulation n° 834/2007.

UAB - 100% natural - 100% organic

Clone Xroots Approved by the Ministry of Agriculture

How to use Clone Xroots in 5 steps :

1- Choice of the support : Greenhouse cuttings, Plates or Rockwool

2- Choice of substrate: Soil, Clay pebbles, Sphagnum or Coco

3- Preparation of the cuttings

4- Spray Clone Xroots

Pour 1 to 2 ml for 1 liter of water in a sprayer or watering can

5- Cutting with Supercloner Platinium Hydroponics systems
Pour directly Clone Xroots in the solution 1 to 2 ml in 1 liter of water

(To facilitate the dosage, feel free to pour the product into a spoon and then absorb the product with the pipette on the cap or a graduated pipette)


Cutting system and plastic greenhouse type Platinium propagator
Clone Xroots a real root activator with ultra fast release

CloneXroots root system combining reliable performance and amazing results,

Clone Xroots can challenge any brand on the market because it is simply the best root growth activator on the market for hydroponics and organic crops

If you are looking for the best natural hormone on the market? Try Clone Xroots now created and manufactured by platinium nutrients the most innovative brand in the hydroponic and organic market 2015, platinium nutrients offers only the most powerful, most concentrated and best performing products on the market, stop buying water buy a real fertilizer, yes it is true buy now the best quality for your plants respect your plants by platinium


Name Hormone cuttings Clone Xroots 30ml - Platinium Nutrients
Brand Platinium Nutrients
Type of fertilizer Organic, For use in Organic Agriculture
Recommended use Root stimulator
Application Coco, Hydroponics, Rock wool, Earth
Packaging 30 ml
Country of manufacture FRANCE
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