Alga Bloom 100ml - Plagron Flowering Fertilizer
Alga Bloom 100ml - Plagron Flowering Fertilizer

Alga Bloom 100ml - Plagron Flowering Fertilizer

Use Alga Bloom fertilizers for a harmonious flowering of your plants! A complete seaweed-based fertilizer for the flowering phase. Plagron, your partner for indoor growing!

Alga Bloom 100ml - Plagron Flowering Fertilizer
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Product details

Alga Bloom - Plagron's Alga Bloom - 100 ml

Amateur and professional growers alike want to achieve results as quickly as possible.
To encourage plants to achieve unprecedented results, you need to give nature a little help - naturally of course!

That's whyPlagron has developedAlga-Bloom, also known as Alga Bloom, especially for the flowering phase.

Alga-Bloom contains a precisely balanced ratio of phosphates and potash which the plants can absorb directly and which optimize flowering on a purely natural basis.
- Phosphorus improves root development and a rich and strong flowering.
- Potash promotes the transport of nutrients throughout the plant and improves overall resistance.

Plagron 's highly nutritiousAlga-Bloom helps to boost your plant's final growth.

Plagron's Alga-Growth is a liquid, organic N-P-P fertilizer that can be absorbed directly by the plant.
It contains a wealth of nitrogen, phosphorus and potash, trace elements and minerals that stimulate optimal flowering and natural chlorophyll formation.

Benefits of Alga Bloom:
Natural, plant-based fertilizer
Suitable for organic farming
Improves crop quality
Optimal root system
Produces strong, healthy plants
Abundant flowering
Can also be used as a leaf nutrient

HOW TO USE Alga Bloom?

Alga Bloom has been specially designed for the flowering phase.
Don't forget to download the cultivation diagram to follow the evolution of your crop and to properly dose Plagron fertilizers.

Organic fertilizer
N-P-K : 3-2-5

Dosage :
Shake well before use.
Dilute 4 ml of Alga Bloom for 1L of nutritive solution
Water the plants with this mixture at each watering during the flowering phase.

Water, beet vinasse, amino acids and seaweed extracts.
3.3% total nitrogen (N), of which 3.3% is bound organic nitrogen
2.3% water soluble phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5)
5.4% water soluble potassium oxide (K2O)


Name Alga Bloom 100ml - Plagron Flowering Fertilizer
Brand Plagron
Type of fertilizer Organic, For use in Organic Agriculture
Application Earth
Packaging 100 ml
Country of manufacture NETHERLANDS
Tri des déchets