Idropot - 4.5 liters - 15x15x19 cm - Idrolab
Idropot - 4.5 liters - 15x15x19 cm - Idrolab
Idropot - 4.5 liters - 15x15x19 cm - Idrolab
Idropot - 4.5 liters - 15x15x19 cm - Idrolab

Idropot - 4.5 liters - 15x15x19 cm - Idrolab

Idropot: the hydroponic pot that revolutionizes indoor growing!

Idropot - 4.5 liters - 15x15x19 cm - Idrolab
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Product details

Idropot - 4.5 liters - 15x15x19 cm

Are you looking for a simple, effective and ecological solution for growing plants indoors? Want to enjoy the benefits of hydroponics without the hassle? Then you're going to love Idropot, the hydroponic pot that's revolutionizing indoor growing!

The benefits of Idropot

Idropot is an innovative hydroponic pot that lets you grow plants without soil, substrate or electricity. Simply fill the water tank with the nutrient solution best suited to your plant, and let Idropot do the rest! Thanks to its patented capillary wick system, Idropot ensures automatic, regular watering of your plant, according to its needs. You no longer have to worry about the dosage, frequency or duration of watering. So you save time, money and resources.

Idropot is also an ecological hydroponic pot that respects the environment and the health of your plant. It avoids wasting water and fertilizer, and limits the risk of soil-borne diseases and parasites. It also promotes root development and nutrient absorption, which translates into faster growth and better plant quality.

The efficiency of Idropot

Idropot is a hydroponic pot suitable for all types of plants, whether flowers, vegetables, herbs or medicinal plants. It adapts to all growing conditions, whether you have a small space or a large area, and whether you use natural or artificial lighting. It's also easy to clean and reuse, so you can change plants whenever you like.

Idropot is a hydroponic pot that guarantees exceptional results, whatever your level of experience. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, you'll be amazed by Idropot's ease of use and performance. You'll be able to enjoy the full benefits of your plants, whether for their beauty, taste or properties.

How do I use Idropot?

Idropot is an easy-to-use hydroponic pot. Here's how to install and maintain your plant:

Choose the plant you want to grow with Idropot. You can use seeds, cuttings or pre-formed plants.
Fill the water tank with the nutrient solution best suited to your plant. You can find specific fertilizers for hydroponics in our online store.
Place the capillary wicks in the reservoir, leaving one end protruding from each side.
Place the top pot on the reservoir, passing the capillary wicks through the holes in the pot.
Place your plant in the upper pot, making sure that the roots are in contact with the capillary wicks.
Place Idropot in a suitable location for your plant, according to its needs in terms of light, temperature and humidity.
Regularly check the water level in the reservoir, and refill it when it's low. You can also add fertilizer if necessary.

Idropot features

Capacity: 4.5 liters
Size: 15 x 15 x 19 cm
Material: High-quality ABS plastic
Micro-perforated design for perfect drainage
Bottom with feet for optimum air circulation
Compatible with Idrocap for precision irrigation
Modular and customizable to your needs


Name Idropot - 4.5 liters - 15x15x19 cm - Idrolab
Brand Idrolab
Capacity in Litre Between 2 and 6 L
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