Electronic ballast CMH/MH/HPS CK600W V3 - Calitek
Electronic ballast CMH/MH/HPS CK600W V3 - Calitek
Electronic ballast CMH/MH/HPS CK600W V3 - Calitek

Electronic ballast CMH/MH/HPS CK600W V3 - Calitek

An efficient and economical electronic ballast for your HPS, MH or CMH lamps: the CK-600R V2 ballast from Calitek!

Electronic ballast CMH/MH/HPS CK600W V3 - Calitek
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Product details

Ballast for HPS, MH, CMH 600W V3 by Calitek

Calitek offers you its CK-600R V3 digital electronic ballast, which is very efficient and energy saving.
It has a high power factor, high luminous efficiency and low THD.

For CMH, MH or HPS bulbs

The CK-600R V3 ballast is designed to light ceramic metal halide (CMH) or metal halide(MH) lamps or high pressure sodium(HPS) lamps.
Make sure the lamp wattage and lamp voltage match the Calitek ballast specifications.
Its high operating frequency (60KHZ-130KHZ.) provides a constant power output to the lamp, resulting in longer lamp life and increased light efficiency.

Growing area: 150 x 150 cm
Flowering area: 120 x 120 cm


This design can run a lamp at rated power and is composed of a four-phase controller to set the ballast output to 350W (CMH), 250W, 400W, or 600W (HPS/MH). This last power corresponds to the Super Par function, which will increase the brightness by 10%.
Be sure to run your lamp continuously at 100% for 10 minutes before switching to other settings. Switching settings quickly can damage the lamp.


This ballast is equipped with short circuit protection, open circuit protection, ignition failure protection and end of lamp life protection technology.

Instructions supplied with the product or downloadable from this page.

Technical Specifications

Model: CK-600R V3
Lamp: 350W (CMH) / 250W-400W-600W (MH/HPS)
Input power: 680W
Input voltage range: 175-265V
Input voltage: 220-240V
Input current: 3A
Input frequency: 50/60Hz
Max output power: 660W
Output frequency: 60KHZ
Dimmer operation: 250W - 315W - 400W - 600W - 660W
Leakage current: 2.35mA
Total harmonic distortion : <8%
CF Lamp / peak factor : <1.6
Power factor : > 0.98
Open circuit voltage: 250Vrms
Operating frequency: 60KHZ-130KHZ
Ignition voltage: 3.5KV-4KV
Ignition time: 30MS
Inrush current: 6.5A
Current protection: 5A
Insulation resistance: 5MΩ
Insulation voltage: 3.5KV
Lamp failure detection: YES
Lamp power: Constant
Lamp flicker - acoustic resonance: NO
RF interference: NO
Max case temperature: 80°C
Ambient temperature: -25 to 40°C
Operating humidity: 20% - 95%
Environment IP requirement: IP23
Unit weight: 2 Kg
Unit dimensions: 280 x 114 x 81mm
Product guaranteed 2 years


Name Electronic ballast CMH/MH/HPS CK600W V3 - Calitek
Brand Calitek
Bulb type HPS, MH
Country of manufacture CHINA
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