Metrop concentrated liquid fertilizer Made in the Netherlands - What are fertilizers made of? Metrop ?

Metrop Liquid fertilizer concentrate

Organic fertilizer from Metrop Hydroponics made in the Netherlands.

Metrop is the specialist in high quality liquid fertilizers for agriculture, horticulture and home growing. The concentration of the liquid allows a maximum yield.

Whether in soil or hydroponics, certain nutrients and elements can be lacking due to intensive cultivation.

Metrop completes these deficiencies with its fertilizers. A modern and very well balanced fertilizer , biologically degradable and soluble.

Metrop achieves greater differences in NPK, which will give the grower a better vegetative growth and a greater floral display.

Metrop does not compromise on quality, that's why their nutrients are free of cadmium and other heavy metals that promote chlorine.

These products contain various raw materials, either from the ocean floor or extracted from deep underground.

This means a healthier and better sample end product for the grower and consumer.

The Metrop philosophy

'Preservation of the environment should be the main interest of humanity'

Many suppliers offer different food for growing in soil, coconut wool, or clay balls..

If I use the rockwool substrate I should use different nutrients than a grower using the soil substrate! That's not true, that's just marketing!

Metrop does not pretend to be a fountain of knowledge and experience.

Rockwool cultivation requires the same nutrients as soil cultivation. We can only say that it requires more of certain elements, because the soil already contains them, whereas in rockwool they are absent. Don't waste time choosing one or the other, Metrop additives have everything a grower needs to maximize the yield of his crop.

The only thing the grower has to do is to adjust his program to the type of medium he uses.

Happy gardening with Metrop!

The Metrop range

For cuttings :


For roots :

Amino Root

For growth :


For flowering :



For calcium deficiency :