What is the purpose of a reflector?

What is the purpose of a reflector ?

A reflector is by definition a product in the indoor garden that reflects light (more than 30%) in an efficient and uniform way to concentrate it towards the plants. Without it, part of the light from a horticultural bulb would be lost and would not benefit the plant. Light is a wave, a ray, that travels in all directions around its source. A reflector is therefore essential in an indoor gardening production, because the reflected light becomes more intense. The light becomes more and more similar to outdoor lighting
Growshops we offer a wide range of reflectors.

How do I choose a reflector to increase the light intensity of my grow room?

Several criteria can be taken into account:

  • The size of the growing room, of the room
  • The type of plant cultivated
  • The efficiency and quality expected in the reflection of the light (40% more light for the reflectors with the bulb in horizontal position)
  • The type of bulb used (CFL, MH, HPS...)

There are various forms of reflectors (horizontal or vertical):

  • Open shapes with basic or high end, with "mirror" or hammered surface (for stable temperatures all year round)
  • Closed shapes
  • Closed forms, glazed and to be ventilated, to be cooled with an extractor to be connected, offering many options (flat glazed reflectors to be recommended to adapt to the seasons)

Think also of the mylar reflecting film that can be placed inside your grow room. Type Orca.

Growshops classifies its reflectors in three parts to simplify your choice of reflectors:

Why Growshops recommend the Cool tube ?

It is a basic in indoor gardening, a real cooling system for HID lamps (MH and HPS). Reflector that protects the plant from heat because it can be joined with an extractor. This reflector can not burn your plants, so it is a favorite of growers.

The Cool Tube is thecoolest reflector for your plants.
The choice of a good reflector is often essential Growshops that's why we have chosen for you the most efficient reflectors on the market.

And if of course you don't have too much space, Growshops we also advise you to look at LEDs, the lighting of the future. No need for ballast, or reflector.