What is House & Garden?

House and Garden what is it?

House and Garden is a famous and unavoidable Dutch fertilizer brand.

Growshops therefore, we would like to introduce you to House & Garden and especially the reasons why growers love this brand.

H&G is one of the most reliable and efficient producers of plant nutrients. Indeed, by following their fertilization schedule and the EC values they indicate, you will succeed your crops for sure.

Whatever the type of substrate, soil, coco, hydroponics or aeroponics, H&G is undoubtedly one of the brands with the best results. This success House and Garden is due to the collaboration with scientists, laboratory technicians and physicists, specialized in botany and plantation of cultures.

The products are developed, improved and subjected to numerous tests.

One example is Roots-Excelurator.

H&G gives you some tips on how to use these fertilizers:

Magic Green is a foliar spray, and should not be added to your tank. Mix separately at 20-40 ml per gallon.

Where to find the growing pattern House and Garden ?

Look it up in the crop diagram section.

These garden fertilizers are on Growshopsyou can find them in the category " Hydroponic fertilizers ".

Otherwise the H&G headquarters is located in the small town of Almere, nearAmsterdam in the Netherlands.

The owner of House and Gardenwilliam Van de Zwaan, has worked in the horticultural industry all his life, which explains his passion for gardening and his success in creating the best fertilizers sold worldwide.

House and Garden the company not only sells a wide range of plant fertilizers, but also manufactures its own products. The factory has the most modern facilities and a fully automated production process.

The products are perfectly packaged in bottles or cans, with clear international packaging and a sealed cap.

Enjoy growing with House and Garden !