Why choose Canna ?

Canna leader in the cultivation of high-growth plants

Who is Canna?

Team spirit and love of plants are two of the key words that characterize the business philosophy of CANNA. More than just a fertilizer producer, Canna wants to control all market factors to offer quality products, from laboratory research to delivery.

What is the motto of Canna?

Canna has become the Dutch world leader in the cultivation of high-growing plants on all substrates. The company is an expert in the field of plant nutrition and growing media.

With 22 years of growing experience and close cooperation with other pioneers, Canna only brings a product to the market if the results expected from the various growers are 100% qualitative and high performing.

Quality proves itself.

Canna nutrient solutions are ready to use and are characterized by their balanced combinations of essential elements and trace elements. A perfect cocktail for plants!

Their products have a shelf life of 1 to 5 years.

Why choose Canna?

Professional, enthusiastic, Canna will never stop surprising us in the development of high quality products.

Canna does not forget the new trend of organic gardening with BIOCANNA: CANNA's organic product line. BIOCANNA is 100% organic and meets all the requirements for organic agriculture. This means that they are, guaranteed and legally certified, organic.

For optimal results, use the CANNA growing guides.

For Hydroponics, the best of Canna

Aqua Vega A+B / Aqua Flores A+B

For soil cultivation, the best of Canna

Terra Vega A / Terra Flores B

For the cultivation on coconut fibre, the best of Canna

Canna Coco A+B

Additives for all substrates




pK 13-14


Bio Vega

Canna Soil

With Canna potting soils, roots and stems are stronger.



Canna regularly listens to its customers and answers their questions.

Why aren't A and B available in one bottle?

If only one bottle was used for A and B, a much larger volume of water would be needed to dissolve the nutrients. Never mix the concentrated A and B solutions together, otherwise insoluble nutrients (gypsum) will form.