Growshops introduces you to Plagron

Plagronpass it on !

Growshops passes the message and introduces you to the famous brand Plagron.

What started in 1992 with a small worm farm is now a leading international company selling organic and high quality products worldwide. Today, the company Plagron is a major player in the market of the gardening with a wide range of substrates, fertilizers and additives, for beginners or expert growers.

Plagron is constantly improving its products in search of the best results under strict quality control thanks to its own research and development department.

Plagron is a reference brand recommended and used by most of the horticultural growers. The customer is king at Plagron.

The range is declined in 5 Universes:


100% HYDRO

100% COCO

100% TERRA


Why use Plagron ?

Growshops knows that Plagron. is one of the best on the market, without comparison, the brand will satisfy you, because it is at the forefront of the best in indoor gardening.

To properly dose fertilizer for your plants, use the cultivation table Plagron.