How to use an air extractor?

How to use an air extractor?

On Growshopsthe use of an air extractor is essential in case of cultivation under box. Indeed, the plant needs to breathe otherwise it could quickly asphyxiate under a growing tent.

The grow tent is a closed place, the plant and the lighting will give off heat. Therefore, an extractor is needed to renew the air in the grow room.

The air flow in the outdoor grow tent is done by the intractor, the ventilation device that takes the air from outside and theextractor that rejects it, which is necessary for the good growth of the plant.

In outdoor conditions, air is very important for the plant. The plant sucks in and rejects warm air (CO² + O²). It needs to breathe new air every day. The wind also stimulates its leaves.

In indoor culture, the plant also needs to recover air with CO². In theory, the extractor should renew the air in the growing room in less than 2 minutes, at least 2 to 3 times an hour.

Theextractor is therefore essential for the proper ventilation of an indoor garden. The ducts will allow you to connect the extractors to your ventilation grids to evacuate the hot air. The extractor regulators (type GSE) can act autonomously on the ventilation speed.

The extraction will depend mainly on the size, the quality of the tent, the more or less ventilated space in which it is placed, the outside temperature and the type of lighting chosen. Some bulbs give off more heat, such as HPS and MH.

Do not forget to complete the installation with a fan. This will avoid humidity, heat and will energize the culture. Other accessories exist, Growshops see the Ventilation section.

To avoid any noise pollution Growshops proposes you some soundproof boxes.

An extractor installation with a carbon filter + CoolTube + ducts :

Characteristics to be taken into account:

  • Air capacity in m³ Ø of the outlet in mm
  • Ø of the outlet in mm
  • The motor more or less soundproofed
  • Consumption in Watts
  • The extraction speeds if they can be adjusted
  • The brand

Growshops we recommend Winflex for a good quality/price ratio. Other marks will be able to satisfy you like Prima klima, Systemair, ETA.