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If you have always dreamed of creating your own vegetable garden or urban plantation, Growshops allows you to do this by offering you on its website all the products that will allow you to manage your own indoor vegetable or other plants (orchids, cacti...) and for this you don't need to be a professional farmer.

With Growshops no more problems in your plantation offers you in its vast online catalog and through its various categories dedicated to many modern horticultural items, all the necessary material for the constitution of a plantation, indoor or outdoor.

The establishment and maintenance of a space dedicated to indoor planting is based on simple, logical but fundamental bases, so that this indoor culture ends up on a success.

Indeed, the selected plants evolve in certain environmental conditions that can be restrictive.
Indoor planting consists in reproducing this environment as well as possible, taking into account major, paradoxical constraints. Those to make evolve the plants in a closed space: a whole room (open space) or a room of culture of interior.

During an indoor plantation, the grower has to be the guarantor of the respect of these conditions available in the Nature.

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Why the plantation has no more limits ?

From the first latifundia (olive oil fields) of Antiquity, to the ancient colonial cultures of the Americas, the term " plantation " is used today to refer to a growing space dedicated to a particular plant.

Planting in urban areas is becoming more and more democratic. The stores specialized in the gardening the shops specialized in indoor planting are generally called " Growshops ".

How to succeed in planting ?

First of all, it is a question of providing oneself with the essentials, a pot to collect the roots and the substrate, the basis of a blooming plant after the cutting. The choice of the substrate is moreover subject to reflection. The ground as substrate but not only, other solutions exist, like the culture hydroponicsaeroponics..

A homebox typegrowing room is ideal for indoor growing of several plants of the same species and providing them with the same light source.

For example Platinium Hydroponics has created systems allowing to irrigate several pots at the same time.

The ventilation of your indoor greenhouse is also essential.

Then, think about the lighting if you practice an indoor plantation (in the shade, without natural light). The reflector associated with a horticultural bulb will bring more light, and will avoid the bulbs to burn your plants. Other lighting technologies exist in indoor gardens such as LED. Ventilation is also essential in indoor.

What are the basics to know about indoor planting, according to

Before purchasing equipment to establish its plantation indoors, it is essential to estimate a certain volume of culture, to select an enclosed space.
This aspect makes it possible to impose in particular a maintained and saving photoperiod towards the plants.

In relation to these dimensions of the indoor cultivation room, the intensity of the horticultural light to be installed will be to agree.
The power of the horticultural lamp will have to be calibrated, configured, according to the surface on the ground to light but also taking into account the volume of the space of culture.
In this way, it is necessary to take into account the more or less important heat, according to the technology of the installed horticultural lighting.

Also, once the horticultural lamp has been chosen, climate control can be considered. This climate control must take into account three climatic factors: the renewal of carbon dioxide (CO2), temperatures (in °C) and hygrometry (in %).
Thus, the climatic management of an indoor plantation is materialized by air extractorsof air introducers, , , , and connectors, bypasses, carbon filters extraction ducts

Then, the choice of the substrate of culture remains to be determined.
Indoors, a plantation can be reduced to two distinct methods of culture: the classic culture on soil or hydroponic media.
Faced with these media of culture, the grower will be interested in watering and irrigation, in the hydroponic materialthe pots and tanks.

Depending on the substrate used during planting, Terre Hydro Coco fertilizers can be selected, either organic, mineral or organo-mineral.

In the same way, a follow-up of the nutrition brought to the plants is carried out by the means of the EC and pH testers, increasing then in significant ways, the productivity of the harvests

Why is an indoor plantation advantageous, according to

The main objective of an indoor plantation is self-production, to be able to be satisfied with a culture, carried out all year long and followed by its own care.

By reproducing outdoor conditions indoors, an indoor plantation allows you to continuously grow fruits, vegetables and other aromatic herbs, without the climatic constraints imposed by the various seasons.

By carefully selecting the nature fertilizers and controlling their application, indoor planting provides a real and reassuring traceability on the quality and productivity of the crops.
In this sense, the modern cultivator, the grower becomes eco-responsible of the nature of the plantations he produces and consumes in a domestic setting.

In addition, scientific studies established in recent years have highlighted the fact that cultivating and therefore by extrapolation, building a plantation indoors, would have very positive therapeutic effects on the city dweller.
In an urban setting filled with daily tensions of all kinds, taking care of one's indoor plantation reduces the anxiety, the stress suffered by the modern cultivator, the grower.

How to calculate the cost of your lighting?

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