Diseases and pathogens according to growshops.en

Diseases and pathogens according to growshops.fr

Growshops.fr presents you on its vast online catalog, all the necessary equipment to prevent or identify(microscopes, magnifying glasses,...) and fight effectively against diseases and pathogens, through its department Insect and disease.


When growing indoors, preventing and fighting against diseases and pathogens can be a necessity.

In the past, growers used old-fashioned remedies, with preventive or curative uses, based on the preparation of liquid solutions (decoctions) with plants and/or food, in order to fight against diseases and pathogens that can affect plants, during a culture. With more or less convincing effects...

That's why growshops.fr distributes today competent products to fight against diseases and pathogens, such as fungicides, in accordance with French standards (NF).

To fight against diseases and pathogens, growshops.fr also provides protection equipment in order to fight against diseases and pathogens, growshops.fr also provides individual ( E.P.I.), in order to diffuse efficiently and serenely solutions based onfertilizers,insecticides or fungicides.

Find the equipment to prevent and / or annihilate diseases and pathogens, at the best prices on the web on your favorite site, growshops.fr.

What are the preventive means to avoid all risks of diseases and pathogens?

Full of common sense,hygiene is a basic but determining factor to fight against potential pathogens or diseases affecting sensitive or sensitized plants, within a grow room.

Indeed, maintaining a clean environment leads to a healthier culture, with a limited probability of suffering from an invasion of diseases, molds or pests.

In the continuity of this rigorous cleanliness, provided that the treated surfaces are well rinsed , the use of hygienic household products is recommended, only after the harvest, in order to scrupulously disinfect the cultivation space, before starting a new horticultural experience.

Also, theInsect Eliminator of HydroPassion presents a formula specifically developed for the deep cleaning of the cultivation areas, thanks to its fungicidal and insecticidal actions.

On the other hand, in order to strengthen the resistance of plants to potential attacks of diseases, pathogens, molds or pests, there are various preventive products, to be sprayed or spread, marketed in powder or liquid form.

In other words, they are stimulators of the immune system of the plants that strengthen their natural resistance against these pests such as BioPonic Mix, Mineral Magic or BioProtect by GHE. Like Sun Resist Spray,Invasion T or Monster X from Platinium Nutrients. Or the Leaf Coat from Biobizz.

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What are the curative treatments to fight diseases and pathogens?

Growshops.co.uk also sells references to eradicate molds, diseases or pathogens once they have developed in the growing area. This is called curative treatment.

Thus, there are several ways to eradicate diseases and pathogens in a decisive way.

But first, it is important toclearly identify the problem, the nature of the diseases and pathogens invading the plants.

Indeed, the remedies marketed to fight against diseases and pathogens will not be the same from one disease or mold to another. They will then have to be adapted, although some references are excellent generalists against all forms of diseases or fungal parasites.

equipement et repulsifs ...

Against these evils, the first and most common way to fight consists in spraying or brushing on the plants, solutions (liquid or powder) based on specific active products and requiring certain precautions for the user (EPI) and the plants.

Among these curative treatments, you can find on growshop.fr, references like the Black Soap, the Bordeaux mixture or theAnti-disease of the brand Or Brunthe BioMagix or the Subculture of GHE...

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