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Fertilizers according to growshops.fr

Growshops .fr offers you one of the widest choices of complete ranges offertilizers, all European growshops brands combined.

Visit the different fertilizer departments on your growshops.fr site, classified by brand. Recognized brands, specialized in the conception of fertilizers. Fertilizers of superior qualities. Such as Biobizz, Plagron, Platinium Nutrients the Growth Technology ,Canna bioTabs, General Hydroponic, General Organics, Vaalserberg Garden, 420 Organics, 420 Hydroponics 12345...Organics, 12345...Hydroponics, Grotek, Rambridge, Atami, Aptus Holland, Hydropassion, Ecolizer, Metrop, Hesi, Advanced Nutrients...


What are the different forms of fertilizers that growshops.fr displays?

On growshops.fr, you will find fertilizers with shapes, volumes and natures as diverse as varied:

  • - fertilizers of organic, mineral or organo-mineral origin,
  • - slow or fast assimilation fertilizers, or both at the same time,
  • - specific fertilizers for any growing medium, inert or active, sterile or fertilized. For growing systems on clay balls or rock wool, crops on coconut fibers or simply on potting soils...
  • - basic fertilizers, for growth and others for flowering, available in one, two or three component forms,
  • - additives to the basic fertilizers, rich in minerals or organic molasses, such as root stimulators, flowering boosters, growth gas pedals...
    Here are some examples:
organo-mineral assimilation rapide terreau, billes, coco, laine de roche bi-composant stimulateur racinaire
Universal fertilizer

- Or Brun -
Fast assimilation:
Pure Zym

- Plagron -
Culture medium:
Potting soils, marbles, coco
(inert, active, sterile, fertilized)
Aqua Vega

- Canna -
Root stimulator :
Element 1

- Vaalserberg -

These are the simplified components of the complete ranges of fertilizers, distributed in liquid, powder or gel form (SensiStar Grow or Bloom from Platinium Nutrients for example) by your website, growshops.fr.

What are the fertilizers on growshops.fr made of?

Totally or partially, the fertilizers or complementary fertilizers, the additives, bring three essential macro-nutrients and other multiple secondary micro-nutrients. Like magnesium, calcium, boron, zinc, iron, manganese, sulfur, etc... But deserving nevertheless all the attention of the demanding grower.

N P K ...

The famous N-P-K! Indeed, basic fertilizers are all composed of three macro-nutrients:nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P ) and potassium (K)(see our advice page on NPK here).

Nitrogen is a chemical molecule that ensures plant growth, is involved in the production of proteins and thus directly influences the plant's metabolism.

Phosphorus stimulates the plant's root system, as well as increasing flowering and fruiting.

As for potassium, this last major macro-nutrient guarantees a better circulation of water and nutrients, and a progressive release of its two sources of energy, throughout the plant, from the roots to the tops. It also strengthens the walls of the molecules to make them more resistant.

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