What types of water can be used in a crop, depending on growshops.en?

Water according to growshops.fr, your online horticultural adviser.

growshops.co.uk offers you a wide range ofdosing equipment,measuring instruments in order to obtain a close control of the water and therefore of the nutritive solution (use of mineral or organic fertilizers), during a culture or the setting up of an aquarium, of a terrarium.
By the use of these various accessories of water control, growshops.fr ensures you a successful culture, an increased productivity, significantly.
In general, this success is achieved by respecting one of the major bases of indoor horticulture: Water. The resulting water and nutrient inputs.

What types of water can be used during a culture, according to growshops.fr?

In most cases, the grower usestap water. By default.
Indeed, the tap water contains harmful properties leading to a slowed growth, less convincing, plants. And in particular chlorine, a molecule necessary to plants but in very small quantities. However, tap water contains chlorine in too high concentrations.

To fight against this excess of chlorine, there are two ways to limit, or even totally destroy, this molecule, through a water treatment.
The first solution, which is not very effective, consists of letting the tap water settle for 24 to 48 hours in an open container, a tank.

The second solution is much more effective on chlorine but also on heavy metals and other pollutants. The installation of a reverse osmosis system or a water purifier(GrowMax Water, AquarioPure) guarantees a culture with very dynamic plants, much more productive, insofar as if the irrigation water is osmosed, purified, the roots are much more apt to assimilate the nutrients.

Finally, the use of rainwater is more elitist, less frequent, since it is necessary to have a garden and a rainwater collector... Even polluted (to be filtered nevertheless!), this rainwater produces better results on the plants and their evolution than that of the tap.

What are the equipments to control the water, available on growshops.fr?

EC (electro-conductivity) testers or EC meters lead to a very profitable control of the nutritive solution (more or less loaded with fertilizer), brought to the plants and their different stages of evolution.
In addition, by observing certain values, the pH (hydrogen potential) testers provide nutrition that is totally beneficial to the plant, since it is much better assimilated.
The ultimate alternative to this water control: more sophisticated Peridosers, fully automated managers for monitoring and correcting EC and pH values in real time.
Some brands stand out in the monitoring of these two measurements: HM Digital, Platinium Instruments, BlueLab..







In the same way, to manage the water supply and thus the irrigation, growshops.fr puts forward water pumps (Aquarium Systems, Platinium Hydroponics), air pumps, programmers (Brennenstuhl, SuperPlant, Otio), various hoses and many connectors to set up an automated irrigation system.

Moreover, for the real time reading of temperatures and hygrometry, thermo-hygrometers, with or without remote probe, are strongly recommended. Once these values are known, growshops.fr distributes for a real control ofhygrometry within the growing room, air humidifiers (UltraMistpur Line) or ultrasonic foggers (UltraMist), to raise the humidity level. But on the other hand, your horticultural site also offers air dehumidifiers (Air Naturel) in order to reduce, to limit this humidity level, especially during flowering or fruiting.

You will also find on your growshops.fr site, more traditional dosing tools, like precision scales (Kenex), syringes, pipettes and measuring cups. Very useful to manage daily the nutritive elements contributions, in the form of liquids or powders.

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