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Clay pebbles in 5L - VG Garden
Clay pebbles in 5L - VG Garden

Clay pebbles in 5L - VG Garden

Expanded clay pebbles from VG Garden
Capacity : 5L

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Clay pebbles in 5L - VG Garden
(€0.80 L)
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Product details

Expanded clay pebbles for all types of planting or decoration

VG Garden - 100% natural origin

Growshops.co.uk offers you a new range of special garden products: the VG Garden range.

The products are composed ofingredients of natural origin to bring to your plants all that nature has to offer!
VG Garden substrates are ready to use, and composed of materials selected for their high horticultural quality.

The ball of expanded clay VG Garden is a substrate, usable in organic agriculture and hydroponics / aeroponics, which has the particularity of being extremely stable, durable and very light.

Thanks to a 100% mineral composition, this product is both useful for drainage, repotting but also for decoration!

Uses :

Drainage: Simply place a layer of 3-4 centimeters at the bottom of the container (pot, tub, planter) to improve aeration, protect the roots and, thus, promote the development of the plant.

Potting: To improve the good development of the roots, it can be convenient to mix your special potting soil with clay balls up to 10% of the total volume.

Decoration: For all your indoor plants but also for your outdoor pots and containers, the clay ball is extremely decorative. On the surface on a thickness of 3-4 cm, they perfectly enhance the colors of plants.

Hydroponics/aeroponics: This substrate offers several advantages. It has an unlimited durability, it is easy to use and allows maximum aeration of the roots. The maintenance of this system is also very easy. It is recommended to rinse the clay balls well before their first use.

Technical characteristics:

Dry Matter (DM): >100%
Conductivity: 4mS/m
Water holding capacity pF 1.0: 180ml/l (18% volume)
Air holding capacity pF 1.0: 640ml/l (64% volume)
pH: 9
Particle size range: 8-16 mm


Name Clay pebbles in 5L - VG Garden
Brand VG Garden
Packaging 5 L
Country of manufacture SPAIN
Substrate type Clay beads
Tri des déchets