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Calcium and magnesium fertilizer - 1L - CalMag - Platinium
Calcium and magnesium fertilizer - 1L - CalMag - Platinium

Calcium and magnesium fertilizer - 1L - CalMag - Platinium

Optimize growth and flowering and strengthen the cell structure of your plants with CalMag from Platinium.

(€12.40 L)
Calcium and magnesium fertilizer - 1L - CalMag - Platinium
(€12.40 L)
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Product details

CalMag from Platinium an essential mineral boost for the health of your plants

Discover the secret to lush growth and abundant flowering for your houseplants with CalMag from Platinium. This carefully formulated calcium and magnesium boost offers a complete solution for maximizing the health of your plants, whether you're new to indoor growing or a seasoned expert.

Exceptional benefits of CalMag :

Acts as a catalyst to stimulate plant growth and promote vigorous flowering. Its balanced formula provides the essential nutrients needed at every stage of your plants' life cycle, ensuring impressive results.

In addition to its effects on growth, CalMag strengthens plant cell structure, improving resistance to environmental stresses. Stronger plants are better equipped to resist disease and changing conditions, ensuring a more stable and successful crop.

CalMag benefits plants:

CalMag ensures a perfect balance between calcium and magnesium, two elements crucial to plant metabolism. This balanced nutrient supply prevents deficiencies, promotes optimum nutrient absorption and guarantees optimal plant health.

Calcium and magnesium deficiencies can lead to growth and flowering problems. CalMag Platinium acts as insurance against these deficiencies, ensuring that your plants receive all the nutrients they need to thrive.

Composition details :

Total nitrogen (N) 7.5
Nitrogen (N) in nitric form 7.5
Calcium oxide (CaO), water-soluble 9%
Magnesium oxide (MgO), water-soluble 4.5%
Low chlorine content.

Dosage and instructions for use :

0.2-1ml/L. Dosage may vary according to growing conditions.
During the growth and flowering phase, until your plants are rinsed.


Name Calcium and magnesium fertilizer - 1L - CalMag - Platinium
Brand Platinium
Recommended use Growth and flowering fertilizers
Application Hydroponics, Earth
Packaging 1 L
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