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Organic Insecticide Treatment 10x2.5g - Solabiol
Organic Insecticide Treatment 10x2.5g - Solabiol

Organic Insecticide Treatment 10x2.5g - Solabiol

This treatment product is an insecticide that eliminates larvae and caterpillars.

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Organic Insecticide Treatment 10x2.5g - Solabiol
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Product details

Organic Insecticide Treatment 10x2.5g - Solabiol

Solabiol, French brand, reference of natural gardening, offers a range of fertilizers and crop protection products, usable in Organic Agriculture.

This treatment acts by ingestion and aims to make larvae and caterpillars disappear quickly, after having sprayed the product in a homogeneous way.
The organic insecticide is usable on more than 58 crops.


Preventive and Curative.

On which type of plant ?
For vegetables, vines and fruit trees

Use :
Pour the sachets-doses necessary for the treatment in the pulverizer containing a bottom of water. Then, wait 2 to 5 minutes that the sachets-doses dissolve by completing the filling in order to reach the total volume necessary for the treatment.
Shake, pressurize and spray on all the vegetation on both sides of the leaves.
Apply in the absence of rain within 3 hours.
Repeat the operation if necessary or during heavy rains, respecting an interval of 7 days.


Treat preventively (before eggs hatch or when larvae or caterpillars appear)

Period of use:
Optimal use all year round from April to September (possible in March and October)

Pre-harvest interval:
3 days Composition:
Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. kurstaki strain SA-11 - 32 000 000 IU/g.

Legal information:
Delfin® Jardin. AMM n°2030175 - Product usable in organic farming in accordance with regulation (EC) N°834/2007.

Precautions for use:
Can cause reactions of sensitization. Not to use by strongly immunodepressed people or under immunosuppressive treatment. Wear gloves and protective clothing. Do not apply in the presence of pollinating insects and / or auxiliaries (bees, bumblebees, ladybugs ...).
Do not discharge into the sink, the gutter or any other water point, the unused canister bottoms and the sprayer wash water. Re-entry time: wait until the treated area is completely dry. Rinse harvested products thoroughly before consumption. Do not store in a room where the temperature may exceed 20°C. Keep only in the original container, well closed, in a dry and cool place, away from food and drinks, including those for animals. Do not reuse the packaging. Do not throw away in the household garbage, but dispose of the packaging with or without the product at a waste disposal center or by an approved organization.

Use phytopharmaceutical products with care. Before any use, read the label and the information concerning the product.


Name Organic Insecticide Treatment 10x2.5g - Solabiol
Brand Solabiol
Type of fertilizer For use in Organic Agriculture
Application Coco, Hydroponics, Rock wool, Earth
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