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Anti Slug - 400g - Solabiol
Anti Slug - 400g - Solabiol

Anti Slug - 400g - Solabiol

The anti-slug of Solabiol will allow you to protect your vegetable garden and flower beds from slug damage.

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Anti Slug - 400g - Solabiol
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Product details

Anti-slug - 400g

The anti-slug Solabiol is a ready to use granulated bait, acting by ingestion. The consumption of the granules will stop the nutrition of slugs and snails and will quickly limit the damage caused. The mollusks will withdraw into the shelters where they will die.

Advices of use :

The anti-slug is applied after a watering, a rain or in rainy weather, preferably in the evening.

Spread the granules regularly on the areas to be protected directly on the ground between the treated plants or on natural surfaces not intended to be planted. Do not apply directly to crop leaves or to vegetables ready for consumption.

Observe an interval of 14 days between two applications.


50 g / 10 m²

Precautions for use

To wash the hands after use.

Do not discharge unused canister contents into the sink, gutter or any other water source.

Store only in the original, tightly closed container in a cool, dry, well-ventilated place away from food and drink, including those for animals. Do not reuse packaging.

Do not dispose of in household waste, but dispose of the packaging, with or without the product, at a waste disposal center or through an approved organization.


Name Anti Slug - 400g - Solabiol
Brand Solabiol
Application Hydroponics, Rock wool, Earth, Coco
Tri des déchets